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Hornbill Drone Technologies 
Terms & Privacy Policies

We encourage you to carefully read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy outlined below. These documents are crucial as they govern your use of our products and services, including details on how we handle your personal information. Understanding these terms will help you make informed decisions about accessing and using our technologies.

Privacy Policy

1.    Personal Information Collection: Collection of data such as names, addresses, emails, and payment details from user interactions and external sources.

2.    Usage of Personal Information: Utilization for service provision, communication, marketing, and legal purposes, based on legal grounds that vary by location.

3.    Sharing of Personal Information: Sharing with third-party service providers, other users, and in legal/administrative situations. Information also shared during business transfers like mergers or acquisitions.

4.    User Rights and Choices: Rights to access, correct, delete personal data, and opt-out of certain uses, subject to legal limitations.

5.    Third-Party Services: Covers interaction with third-party services, with Hornbill Drones not responsible for their privacy practices.

6.    Data Protection Measures: Implementation of security measures for data protection. Compliance with regulations in case of data breaches.

7.    International Data Transfers: Transfer of personal data internationally, ensuring compliance with data protection laws.

8.    Data Privacy Framework Compliance: Adherence to India, EU, U.S., UK Data Privacy Frameworks for data transfer.

9.    Data Retention: Retention of data as necessary for service provision or as mandated by law.

10.    Children’s Privacy: Services not targeted at children under 16; measures in place to prevent their data collection.

11.    Contact Information: Provision of contact details for data-related queries or concerns.

12.    Cookies and User Choices: Details on cookie usage and user choices related to them.

Terms & Conditions

1.    Introduction: Hornbill Drone Technologies provides a cloud-based platform for commercial drones, offering access to aerial data. 


2.    Terms of Service Agreement: Legally binding contract emphasizing user compliance and potential suspension for misuse. 


3.    Fair Usage Policy: Limits each license to one person, outlines data processing guidelines, and addresses out-of-the-ordinary usage.


4.    Eligibility: Users must comply with laws, aviation regulations, and have no prior suspension.


5.    User Responsibility: Users are responsible for legal compliance, including obtaining necessary licenses.


6.    Hornbill Drone Technologies Account: Individual account usage, ownership by Hornbill Drone Technologies, and user feedback licensing.


7.    Billing and Payment: Details subscription fees, payment terms, and consequences for non-compliance.


8.    Taxes: Users are responsible for paying applicable taxes.


9.    Privacy and Copyright Protection: Privacy policies govern personal data usage, and Hornbill Drone Technologies responds to copyright infringement.


10.    User Content: Users retain ownership, grant a license for service operation.


11.    Data Expiry Policy: Processed data expire after 90 days post-trial or license expiration.


12.    Third-Party Services: Tools for exporting information to third parties; Hornbill Drone Technologies not responsible for third-party service usage. 


13.    Software in Services: Users granted a personal software license with restrictions.


14.    Modifying and Terminating Services: Hornbill Drone Technologies may add, remove, or suspend services, with notifications.


15.    Term of Agreement and Termination: Agreement term, termination conditions, and consequences outlined.


16.    Warranties and Disclaimers: Services provided with a commercially reasonable level of care; no specific promises made.


17.    Liability for Services: Hornbill Drone Technologies not responsible for indirect damages; total liability limited.


18.    Indemnity: Users agree to defend, indemnify, and hold Hornbill Drone Technologies harmless.


19.    Force Majeure: Hornbill Drone Technologies not liable for service failures due to uncontrollable events.


20.    Dispute Resolution: Disputes resolved through binding arbitration; users waive the right to go to court.


21.    Business Uses of Services: Businesses using services accept terms and indemnify Hornbill Drone Technologies.


22.    About these Terms: Terms can be modified with notice; users must regularly review.

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