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Hornbill Privacy Policy

1.    Personal Information Collection: Collection of data such as names, addresses, emails, and payment details from user interactions and external sources.
2.    Usage of Personal Information: Utilization for service provision, communication, marketing, and legal purposes, based on legal grounds that vary by location.
3.    Sharing of Personal Information: Sharing with third-party service providers, other users, and in legal/administrative situations. Information also shared during business transfers like mergers or acquisitions.
4.    User Rights and Choices: Rights to access, correct, delete personal data, and opt-out of certain uses, subject to legal limitations.
5.    Third-Party Services: Covers interaction with third-party services, with Hornbill Drones not responsible for their privacy practices.
6.    Data Protection Measures: Implementation of security measures for data protection. Compliance with regulations in case of data breaches.
7.    International Data Transfers: Transfer of personal data internationally, ensuring compliance with data protection laws.
8.    Data Privacy Framework Compliance: Adherence to India, EU, U.S., UK Data Privacy Frameworks for data transfer.
9.    Data Retention: Retention of data as necessary for service provision or as mandated by law.
10.    Children’s Privacy: Services not targeted at children under 16; measures in place to prevent their data collection.
11.    Contact Information: Provision of contact details for data-related queries or concerns.
12.    Cookies and User Choices: Details on cookie usage and user choices related to them.

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