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Hornbill Drones specializes in developing software-based management tools for efficient drone inspections. Our focus is on energy installations, specifically solar plants, wind turbines, and powerlines. We help energy companies to increase operational efficiency by giving them access to accurate, repeatable aerial information with price transparency. Our inspection portal can analyze gigabytes of drone images, spot anomalies, and can provide valuable insights for each "digitized" farm.

Hornbill GridWise- Powerline Inspection Portal

With Hornbill Gridwise software, you have the flexibility to create and share interactive georeferenced videos and photos for powerline inspections and right-of-way assessments. Our platform supports the industry-standard format, which is rapidly gaining popularity.


Hornbill SolarWise- Solar Plant Inspection Portal

Hornbill Solar Portal is specifically designed to streamline and optimize the process of inspecting solar panels using drones. With our portal, solar companies and installers can quickly and accurately identify any issues with their panels, saving time and money.

Hornbill WindWise- Wind Turbine Inspection Portal

At the forefront of wind turbine inspections, Hornbill is revolutionizing the wind industry. Enhance the lifespan of your turbines and blades with our cutting-edge solutions. No need for stitching or costly 3D models anymore. Our live Turbine Diagrams and AI technology enable rapid fault detection on your turbines like never before.

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